Allergic reaction to Trileptal

Hi I was wondering if anyone else has had an allergic reaction to Trileptal? I had been taking that along with Neurontin and Tramadol and still have some pain. On Friday had red rash all over the Dr said it was the Trileptal so I stopped still ended up in er had to have steroid shot to stop it. So now not sure what I can do for pain I already 3200mg of neurontin.


I just began trileptal an have noticed no adverse reactions.

I had an allergic reaction to Tegretol/ carbamazepine. Trileptal is a derivative of that drug. I had that red rash all over and it was itchy. If you have this reaction please go to the ER immediately And have it checked. I lost my platelets and required transfusion. Melanie, you are the only other person I have ever,ER who also had is reaction.

I found the Neurontin/Gabapentin only ever took the edge off the pain no matter the dose.

I am using statex and MS Contin for pain right now. Also use meditation.

I do take Neurontin also I am on the highest dosage and also take amitrytline still have pain am having second injection in a couple weeks. Hoping it last a little longer than the first.