Advice-be honest!

i dont know hat my ocular surgeon is doing next.I gont know what is planned for the rest like lower face. Next issue pain. I cant function normally with a tissue shortage. My eyes, jaw, neck have issues. thats the reconstructive deimna. neuropathy is painful. its basically face and body due to the neck. im looking for a bew pain plan. i have major dental work on hold until this is settled. suggestion remove oxycodone for morphine IR. Ativan would replace valium. i tried ativan and it didnt work. theres no muscle relaxer. even with pain meds, my eyes are not focusing properly. The cheeks are a factor. theres still scar tissue like a door. opening and closing. theres still redidual scar tissue in the tear trough and in the corners so closure and position is a factor. theis needing a hunidifier and avoiding the cold is nuts. the pain dr wants to do an in hospital emg guided scm wirh botox.into the trapezius. i dont exactly this so im calling for an explanation. the pain pump was a thought. more questions, what will be affected. i need more info. i need mu hopkins appt first . then maybe lower or top teeth- ill be out of commission for 2 weeks. where arte the pump experts? then what do you do about the face. confusion.

fred= lots of luck.


If I am reading this right. You are saying you will be on morphin IR and Ativan. You are also saying that you have been on ativan before. But, the point I would like to make is that when you were on ativan before, you were on other meds or possibly on it alone. So you never know this could work better for pain control for you?? Just a thought... Peace, Min

i was on it with other meds, it was an attempt to replace valium, it did not work well then.

Well I hope I it works for you this time round Elaine. Good luck!!!