A-typical facial pain diagnosis

I went to see a consultant at the pain clinic last week and have been given a diagnosis on the right side of my face as a-typical facial pain he said my symptons did not fit Trigeminal Neuralgia although he concluded the nerve is damaged.

I am currently taking 900mg of Gabapentin and he has proposed the following treatment plan.

I am to up my dosage to a maximum of 1800mg per day if this is not successful he has instructed my GP to prescribe Duloxetine I think this may be more commonly known as Cymbalta. If this does not work he has advised my GP to prescribe Oxycontin.

Please can anyone who has taken or is taking Duloxetine or Oxycontin let me know how they found these meds?


Hi Rob,
You might want to post this on the main page to get more replies. We also have an opiate group located under "groups " above where you can also get more info.
In my opinion atypical facial pain is a blanket diagnosis given when doctors don’t know, because your pain or description doesn’t fall in line with guidelines they follow.
BUT TN doesn’t fit into a perfect box, you yourself know your body and pain best.
Read as much as you can about all forms of TN, learn as much as you can so that you can make informed decisions. Often you’ll find that you know more than the medical professionals. In the end, pain control and having a doctor or neurologist that supports you is most important.
Good luck, hope you find relief soon.

Hi Rob,

I am currently taking 1000mg Carbamazipine in 3 divided doses and Duloxetine 60mg morning and night. Pain now much more managable though I still have numb feeling on face all the time which can be annoying. Have you seen a neurologist yet. I would definately push for referral if not.