A scab situation after mvd

Hi all. Had my mvd Dec 6,2012. Had many of the side effects mentioned in previous post but I have noticed I still have scabs in certain parts of my incision. Is this normal? Will I ever have my head not feel numb and tingly because tendons are knitting back together? Mostly curious about scabs tho. Icky. Not huge just size of nail head. I appreciate it greatly.

I want to know what surgeon thinks!

Talked to both the neurosurgon and neurologist and honestly neither one of them seemed excited to tell me anything about either one. Feeling like since the surgery is done and I am on only as needed nerve Med for TN that I no longer really matter. At least here I’m surrounded by others that have had similar experiences and can understand frustrations. You would think with the attention to detail the neurosurgon performed on the Mvd that a couple follow up questions wouldn’t be too hard. I loved the guy but wish these niggling after questions could be resolved. Any sort of idea is better than nothing. Sigh. Why won’t they give me a straight answer? I know we aren’t all the same but I wish they would have given me some idea.

I felt normalish at six mo. And more normal at one year…i had nobscabs

take Picts of them, and demand an appt. !

Take a "take charge " with you and demand answers… Salve?

Numb and tingly I would wait another 3 months then repeat a demand,

Thank you. I feel pretty great on the whole but the numb/tingly can get annoying, the scab is something I’m sortof worried. I’m changing my neuro, I’m not impressed with the way I’m being treated and will make sure I get answers. Didn’t know if it was “normal” tho. I appreciate it.

Scabs doesn’t sound healed enough … Sorry my iPad hard to type… Thousands of readings here… Verrrry Few scabs stories a year later! Let us know who looks at you!