A few questions

Have weaned off the meds after my first attack and diagnosis in June...

caught it very early so feel that i am in the early stages...

have noticed a couple of times a day i have a very quick stab on different sides--although the attack was on the left...

so does that mean I am bilateral??

is it still considered a remission if you have any pain at all??

has anyone had just quick jabs here and there over many months without a flair??

In your experience do flairs build up slowly (like the first attack) or just come on full force with little warning??

sorry for all the questions but I find myself trying hard not to panic-again-

Hi tacocat,
So pleased to hear you’ve managed to wean off your med (s)… That’s awesome.
To answer your questions in order…
Maybe bilateral… Time will tell(hopefully not) so hard to say…
I would say “who cares” if it’s still considered a remission if you feel occasional pain. :slight_smile: as long as its occasional that’s awesome! Technically though no pain= remission. But TN is finicky.
Yes, I’ve had twinges here and there over several weeks with no flare up of pain.
Sometimes my TN pain builds up slowly ( the odd twinge here and there for a period of time) and then whammo! Other times ( more frequently) it comes on full force with no warning!

Tacocat, I hope this relief your experiencing lasts and lasts! I know firsthand how hard it can be to quell the fear…but try, try try! Long remissions happen and are possible…I had an 8 year remission on my right side and 10 years on my left!!! I wish you the same and longer!
Huge (((( hugs )))) Mimi xx