5 week post MVD question

All the pain from TN as well as from the surgery itself, are gone. But I still have areas of soreness that feel as though it's only on my scalp. Some days are worse than others. It's weird because although it's usually in the same area - sometimes it pops up in other areas. (all on the same side of my head that the surgery was on) Is this a typical from the clamps or the surgery, that will in time just go away?

Hi Domelover,
You could very well be feeling the sensitivity of the healing of where the clamps were attached to your scalp, but it could also be internal healing going on…
I felt a pressure type pain that would vary in severity & location and my Neuro thought maybe it was the muscles ( inside my head) tightening as they healed and recommended some massage therapy. This actually helped me. The massage therapist never touched my scalp, or face, but worked on my upper shoulders, and neck. Eventually I no longer felt the pain/ pressure.
It can take a lengthy time for everything inside to heal…
So happy you are doing so well otherwise in your recovery!! : )
Continued well-being!