Yucky side effects!

I have been on this new regimen of meds for almost a month now: Trileptal, baclofen, nortriptilyn, and Ms contin, and lidocaine patches. the doc has been slowly increasing the trileptal and I finally am feeling some relief from the pain. This last increase is doing something, shocks have decreased, thobbing a little bit better. But my body doesn't seem to like all of this medicine. I am having tremors in my hands, horrible dizzy spells and now, edema in my feet and ankles and I am hardly going to the bathroom.

Do I have to pick between less pain and living with yucky side effects or no side effects and living in severe pain? I don't want to have to pick!! This really stinks!!

Karen, is your doctor aware of all of these side effects? I was so sick on tegretol, but so afraid of the pain coming back that I tried to keep it up. That was a mistake. Talk to your doctor. There may be other choices, which you may not have such a reaction to. I hope you get better, I will be thinking of you.