Watch Your Med Doses Carefully

Tonight I learned a friend had been told to take 900mg gabapentin to START, 300mg 3x a day, for carpal tunnel – and this was her first appt about possible carpal tunnel, there have been no tests, no PT, nothing.

Gabapentin isn’t approved or even off label used for carpal tunnel. I found one study from Iran that tried low dose 100 1x a day or 300 1x a day with limited results. My friend also takes trileptal, which has “medium” interaction with gabapentin. Neither her doc nor her pharmacy discussed this with her. The doctor told her gabapentin is an antiinflammatory.

I post this as a warning to all of us! We have to be our own advocates! We all take too many meds to take anything at face value!

Be careful!

Thanks for your expertise and your willingness to shre.