Using Capazine helps!

I have been using the capazine topical you can get in Walmart and it is helpful. This stuff has an active chemical like that in hot peppers. IT causes your nerves to release their pain chemicals and hopefully deplete them enough so that your pain is dampened. I rub it all over my neck and under my jaw and basically everywhere related to pain for me. I do this at bedtime. It kinda burns/tingles but so far it is helping me cut my meds a bit so that I am less tired. I am going to try and up it to twice a day application and see how that goes Please try it and let us know if it helps you

Hi Peaceful buttons Some folk have had some relief with capsicum and lignocaine topical ointments. A reminder if your on meds though to double check with your pharmacist or doctor when using any natural remedies. A number of these can interact with other medications.

I checked with the pharmacist and he said it was fine. I have since found it works best if I put it under my ears.

There was some discussions on one of the other sites on topical ointments, I'll see if I can find some of it for you.