Typical and atypical tn

I am sorry, but i just do not know the difference between the 2 , how can i find out the differences


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Norm, nobody has answered you! Ok, I have ATN and more. TN is when you get a flare up and your nerves send stab and shock like pain in your head. Its painful, a pain in the butt but they short brief stabs and with TN you may get up to 100 a day during a flare up. They give a list full of nerve pills like carbamazapine and lyrica to deal with it.

ATN is chronic stabs, burning and shocks in the head over 300 an hour. Its been said the burning comes from so many stabs it turns into a burning sensation. There are no flare ups, it is constant, there are no reasons for it to happen, it just happens. I went through all the meds as fast as I could and got to the procedures. Ive had the rhizotomy which was a waste of time, gamma ray which was also a waste of time. The only thing that works for me are opiates (which doc love to hear) shots in my jaw which stops the burning, occipital neuralgia blocks and other nerve blocks. Ive had my neck redone which helped alot. I used to hurt and say I cant hold me head up anymore and it came to be true. My neck was fractured. I also have Gloss...... Neuralgia which is stabbing shocks in the ear, deafness, ringing and a fullness feeling. I would say it feels like my jaw is in my ear. There is a surgery for that one and I just found it. But that one is tolerable even though it knocks your body off balance. I recently fell off a ladder and broke my foot, ripped ligaments in my knee and fractured my lower back. Missed my summer cruise as well! So, there are more neuralgias like Migraine but thats kind of what this is anyway. Guess they are getting more specific. When I started there was hardly an info online. This site is pretty good/

Hope that helps.

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Hello Stella , thank you so very much for the info, i guess that mine, due to a tumor on the nerve next to the brain . so far, is more mellow than your description, my whole left side of my face is always slightly numb with "shocks" going across the side of my forehead, but nothing unbearable, yet, and sure hope it stays that way , i really hate that it seems to affect my sinus on the left side, makes for a very uncomfortable nostril.

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Norm, my left nostril did the same thing. It was a deviated septum and had nothing to do with the ATN. I got my nose fixed and that stopped some head pain. Also, I get Botox for face pain. It works very well for face pain and muscle spasms! Wish I could bath in Botox!!

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Jane , that makes 2 of us, am looking for answers, but there doesn't seem to be many, and i sure don't want surgery. I did get some info from " The Skull Base Institute " in CA, but the expense to go there and get it done ,whew! Botox bath sure sounds good!!!!!


Hey Norm, I dont think there are any answers right now. I think this is something thats been overlooked for a few people in the past. They say its popular now due to braces and extreme dental work. I believe that. I tried an implant and it got infected over 5 times, the experts swore the implant had no effect on me at all, that the implant was perfect. I had it taken out aganist my jaw surgeons advice and I was right, the pain was from the implant. I have looked on sites overseas, in England, this is popular and they are all on disability for it. However, dental care is not popular in England..so some theories work and some do not. However, I think listening to your body and not the doctors is the best way with this. Comparing notes and staying in touch with "like minded" lol people. I miss my life, I miss working and the gym so much, I feel I died during this. However, my new life isnt so bad and ive experienced so much, I am helping others. I had no help but ive got such a good education and intuition from sports and weight lifting, what these doctors say isnt what they mean. If you get your records from your docs, they are usually not yours or the info on paper is so different than what was said at your appointment.Ive never dealt with doctors until all this head pain. I have seen over 100 doctors and 1 or 2 I got up and walked out of their offices, made serious complaints about alot too!

The Skull Base Institute doesnt take insurance, does it?? They didnt when I called them. I also called another facility to find out it was in one mans basement that called himself a doctor. I dont know if he was a doctor.

Some doctors believe its your bones and bone plates that move from injuries or dental work that trap nerves. Some people have actually had their bones moved off the nerves by a balloon compresssion type proceedure and been pain free ever since. Its online but I dont remember the name. some people that did the procedures are now doctors and doing the procedure. Its popular in Seattle, last I looked. Look on YouTube, it was on there. That actually makes the most sense to me and they are 100% pain free with patients. Its a series of 4 or 5 sessions of moving bones off the nerves in different sections.

I do not believe hurting this nerve makes anything better. Its huge with tenticles, I call it an alien. Botox is great and the blocks are great. Stops the pain but you still have the symptoms. Stetching is great, have your neck looked at and realize that a neck surgery is an ellective procedure so the patient has to insist on chronic pain, head aches, lack of movement and such. One wise old man said that head aches dont come from the head, there is nothing that can make a head ache in your head. All head aches come from allergies and the neck. He was 100% right with me!

Anyway, Ive got to take this puppy to the vet and park to get rid of her energy!!! I thought a puppy was crazy with my issues but the puppy got me out of bed, walking, yelling at times and healing! Taking care of her is taking care of me.

Have a good day!


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Thanks for the info.