Trying Something New

Hi Friends, It's WW here in Sunny (x your fingers) Melbourne, Australia. I find it quite difficult to work and be on the Tegretol with the side effects so I am going to try something a bit Left of Center, I guess. As I am very much into Natural Therapies you have probably read that I take Alpha Lipoic Acid for the burning in the tongue.

Just wanted to put it out there and wondering if any of you have taken Agmatine Sulphate? I came across this by chance today. Probably a long shot. However after still having this unbelievable pain for 18 years now, after the surgery I think I will give it a go. Love to hear from any one that has tried this. Blessings. x

Hi Warrior Woman,

I too am in sunny Melbourne :) Its about to get cold and wet unfortunately according to the weather person. With your discussion about trying a sulphate, it really important when you are thinking of taking things like these supplements to check that they don't interact negatively or have contraindications with anything you may already be taking. Please check with a pharmacy or your doctor beforehand just to be on the safe side.

All the best,


Thank you, Smiley. Yes I am very careful about checking with my Doctor and Pharmacy beforehand. Not to recommend to others, just wondering if any one had experience with this for pain relief. Glad to have a fellow traveler in the same state.

Take Care. WW