TN, Sinuses, and brain aneurisms. Please Read

Being diagnosed with TN, i always questioned my sinuses. i have had problems since I had the TN pain, and I know my roots of my sinus are wrapped around my top teeth where they did all the root canals. To it would make since that my sinus’s were damaged. My endo won’t even do a root canal on the top of my mouth because every time he has the tooth gets worse and now im in more pain than i was before the root canals, I unfortunately needed them because of my full mouth reconstruction. I just can’t see how if i have 18 root canals how something couldn't have been damaged...i am very young and had no problems before this. When i bend down or walk up stairs im in agony. My trigger point is my noise and its horrible. IF i sneeze i go into an attack right away or if something touches it. Now what im MOSTLY scared about is i read people have MRI's done (one with dye, one without) to rule out a brain aneurisms. I have a long line of genetic brain aneurisms that run in my family. I lost my great grandmother as a kid, and then almost my mother when i was 20 years old. I need to go get an MRI to rule out that i dont have one before the age of 30. Does anyone know if TN can be related to having an Aneurism? There’s so much out there on the internet and its hard to tell what’s true and what’s false. Thanks for all your help!