Thoughts go out to Ron

Well another of the family is having surgery, Ron’s getting his G nerve snipped today, so please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Much love

Gracie x x x

Good luck and God speed, Ron !

Hope all went well. We’ll look forward to hearing how you got on.x x x

Don’t know how long you’ll be locked up in the hospital hun, but I’ll keep checking in to see if there’s any news Hope it all went well and that you’re mending up nicely by now.

Much love and head healing vibes

Gracie x x x

tI lal newt lewl. oN robplems. lAl brian fuctinons ormnal.

Anyway… just released this morning and, of course, still feeling the anesthetic grog. Definitely have superficial pain at the incision, but absolutely no sign of GPN. I have to temper that by saying that I will have to wean myself off of the oxcarbazapine which was to some extent relieving my symptoms. But, regardless of the medication, I don’t think I’ve had a day without at least one good lightening bolt of throat or ear pain, and I haven’t even had that ominous “warning sensation” that a lot of you might relate to.
I definitely will go into more detail and answer questions but I’m still super tired. I’ll upload a not so great cellphone photo of my dressing being changed.
Thanks for all the well wishes. Despite not knowing you all for long, it really saddens me that we couldn’t have walked through this together (but it might not have been everyones choice and I understand the winding route that’s taken us all through many hopeful trials).
Take care,
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Good to see you back darlin, and I’m really glad that there’s no more glosso pain! I’m delighted things are going well so far.x x x

Hi Gracie,
Thanks again for your warm thoughts. Hope you are, at least, having a tolerable stretch as we head into Christmas. If our shopping mall is any indication, Christmas must just be a couple of days away. Maybe I was in recovery longer than I thought. I’ll post a bit of an update in the “Ron’s Recovery” discussion :slight_smile: , so I won’t take up space here.
Take care,