This is just ugh........(advice needed) or thoughts please

Ok im left puzzled, i finally got into the neuroligst, my pcp had me on 2,700mg of gabapentin daily and 25mg of amtripline (depression meds) only at night…well fast foward i see the neuro we met he answers all my questions i think…he makes tn sound like its on step above a migraine…i also wanted to make sure i wasnt a guinnie pig…so he keeps me on 2,700 (900mg at a time) of gabpentin still and the 25mg of amtripline and then adds 100mg of tegretol 3 times a day…btw they are so nasty chewables really anyone know another form to take please let me know lol…so im compelte zombie mode and i work in sales…anyhow he schedualed me for an mri…and guess what it came back normal…i see him again in oct…im still in frequant pain…he brought up actupuncture, gama knife of botox or meds and guess what more meds…im tried of tn and the meds…i have had tn for 4 years and im only 31…i let him know the pain came soon after my very first root canal he said that shouldnt of caused it…anyhow sorry for it being so long thanks for ready <3 janice

Hi Janice,

A couple of things. First the root canal would not have caused the TN. Its likely the TN was causing the pain which led to the dentist believing it was a tooth. When my TN started I went to a dentist who said it was my tooth and pulled it out. Obviously didnt relieve a thing and I have one less tooth. Second, it is not uncommon for an MRI not to show arteries and or veins compressing the nerve. Its not always visible on an MRI. Is the neurosurgeon you are seeing very experienced in dealing with TN? Has he performed many MVD surgeries? If not I would find a neurologist/ surgeon who has dealt with TN frequently. You can use this site to search for one. My Tn started at the age of 25 , very similar to you and a very young age. I suffered for 8 yrs taking Tegretol and at the end taking the max amount possible.. The Tegretol wasnt working any better then jelly beans. I am not reccomending surgery because you have other options but surgery has eliminated my pain for 30 years . If you are totally confident in your neurologist and he is experienced try and move up your appt and review your options thoroughly. If not seek out a new neurosurgeon/neurologist . Good luck and keep us posted on your efforts and results

My tn started 2 days after i had a filling and a scale and polish, kept going back to the dentist over the next year and had loads of different treatments,,, kept telling them that the pain only started after my initial visit and was told nothing to do with the filling and that it was just a coincidence,,,, xxx

I don’t know if it would help you or not but I’m getting very good results with an upper cervical chiropractor. Meds stopped working and when a woman in Los Angeles said her husband tried it and has been pain free, no meds, for over a year. I’m three weeks out and the jolts are less often and less intense. About a 90percent improvement. I figured I had nothing to lose and didn’t really expect it would work so well there was no twisting or cracking. Just gentle pressure.
My heart goes out to you. I inderstand how you feel. It sucks!!