The waiting game

So it appears that the Neurontin is finally out of my system and I'm finally back to being me again and not that loopy, ADD, gremlin that I was a few days ago. My mom even said I sounded more like me again today. Theres that burning question in the back of my mind now. Would I rather be myself and in pain, or be someone else in hopes that the meds would take the pain away once they got into my system? Now the waiting game begins again though. I have to wait for my mom to email my doctor and for him to reply. I know what I want him to say but I doubt he will suggest it. Living with this for now is going to be hard, really hard, but I'm just going to have to find a way. God never throws things at us that we can't handle so I just need to ride out this storm and hope that when its over I will be myself, but I will also be pain free.