Symptoms of GPN

was wondering what symptoms people have when they have a GN attack? I tend to get a lot of boring aching pain in my ear and throat and face. i want to stick something in my ear sometimes it is so bad. but sometimes when it is a full-blown attack i get very hot and feverish. curious does this happen to anyone else?

Nope, I used to get pain in my throat, years before this ever started as being a neuralgic problem, and I would get the burn in it then, but it was years afterwards that I learned that had been from the eagles. I had horrendous boring, aching burning crushing pains in my face for a long time, which muddied my diagnosis a lot in the early days, but that all turned out to be from the meds, and after I adjusted those I eliminated the ATN element of the pain, which had been the most crippling part of it for me, because it was so much more constant and relentless it wore me down so much. After getting rid of that part of the pain, I was far better equipped to deal with the “real neuralgia” attacks better, because that didn’t come anywhere near so often, so I felt stronger, and dealt with it better, it was really ironic, that the meds I was taking for the pain were in fact giving me pain, and making it so much worse, so more meds, more pain, more meds, you get the idea! We never for a second realised that the pain was a side effect, we thought it was a progression of the condition and had just accepted it.

Anyway when I get an attack I get the “normal” ones, they’re the kind of day to day ones, that come, deep in my ears, but ears only split second, rapid fire, and probably rate at about an 8/9 on the scale.

When I get the big ones, that seem to be coming more often now,( unfotunatley,) The pain is far far far worse, like it was before I ever started on the anticonvulsants, those are what terrify me, because it’s then I realize, just how well controlled things have been comparatively. Those pangs are 2 or 3 times the strength of the “normal” ones and they do radiate to my throat a little more then.

I’m not sure about the feverish, but I certainly get hot flushes during each type of episode, but they subside with the pain and once I’m able to start breathing again afterwards.


Nope. My right lower molars felt like they had fractures in them. I had two of them removed and of course, the pain did not go away. It felt like I had needles in the gum line. My posterior upper tongue would go into spasm like contortions when I tried to chew food.

On a good day, I would get several periods of attacks with no pain in between. On bad days, it was constant attacks. When I had MVD, I had constant pain for 9 weeks.