Some changes in plans

Hello to all,
When I was having my MRI the Friday before the first procedure for Motor Cortex Stimulation, my husband began having chest pain.
It is now a week and a half later. He did have a heart attack and underwent an coronary angiogram, needed an angioplasty and placement of two stents.
After going home he developed chest pain the next morning and required another angiogram.
He is now home, says he is feeling much better, and is getting used to making changes in his diet and has quit smoking.
My surgery was of course cancelled, and for now I plan to focus on his medical care.
It was a little bit of a relief as I wasn't sure about having the MCS, I was just desperate to have some relief from the pain.
My best wishes to all of you. Take care.

gosh sorry about you husband, hope things are improving for him. take care