SIADH and carbamazepine

Does anyone have the problem of hyponatremia after years of treatment for TN?I really cannot bear to come off this drug as after a failed mvd it is the only one that works, but cannot compromise my life with severe siadh. Tried every drug out there over 8 years. Have been told not to drink more than 1 litre of fluid a day including whats in my food.Either that or may have to go down the road off another mvd which is too much too bear at the moment.

Jacq: I’ve had hyponatremia for years now; salt level ranges from 125-129. Any new doctors I get freak out, but they don’t know that my body has adopted to the lower level. I just watch the level and pray that I don’t have to give up the Trileptal. However, I do eat a lot of salt throughout the day; I have low blood pressure, so I can get away with it. And, salt help to ward off infections (according to a study I read recently. Since my white blood count is low, I think that’s good. Hang in there and pray.

As you know, it is a side affect of meds for tn. Though it’s been 8 years, I’m still of the opinion, why me, why now/ then, and if you look back as to the start of your journey you may, or already know the answer. You don’t have pathology judging the time frame, and undoubtedly imaging. What were your circumstances when you first experienced tn? Most would seem to experience tn (experience/ reading between the lines) due to trauma, stress or physical in the absence of nasties. The trauma doesn’t have to be in the same time frame if unresolved. Just a thought, regardless wishing you well.

Symptoms of low sodium are pretty awful, constant headache and tiredness,so glad to get an answer at last.I have high blood pressure and am hoping the lower volume of water will help.Doctors are freaking me out as you say, SIADH throws up scare signals for tumours so they have booked a brain scan with contrast dye and an HD mri chest scan as I has scarring to a lung with pneumonia.They do scare you. I do expect it is the tegretol but researching alternatives, cannot find anything that I have not already tried.As you say body may adapt.I crave salted peanuts but have high cholestorel, its maybe my bodies way of trying to tell me something.It has taken 2 years of urine infections for the tests to progress to SIADH, so happy I have finally got a diagnosis.My family were originally attacked 9 years ago, my son was 16 and went to a different school from a gang of about 20 youths.They attacked him and kicked his teeth out, my husband and I were phoned to tell it was happening to,I jumped out the car and having just finished working at a hospital I thought my nurses uniform would make them back off but I took blows to the head as I protected my unconscious son, my husband got a broken nose before the police arrived.The only time I was upset was throwing up after the mvd and wishing they were lying in the bed in place of me.I hope you keep your salt levels ok and stay well Gilbert, and thank you aicalsamoth, for your thoughts.Wish you all well.