Scalp to Face connection and RELIEF/Healing?

Hi, I recently joined after a month or so of TN Symptoms. Looking for info and input on how to proceed to treatment. My mom had TN in her later years and suffered until she passed away at 88. She did not have the surgery for fear of further damage and meds didn't seem to help her. I kept hoping that my pain was a result of inflammation of the nerve due to an infection or virus I had that hung on for a good month. One of the weird things that I don't remember happening to my mom is if I touched my scalp on the right side it triggered the pain in my cheek, made shampooing, brushing hair etc. painful. Is this common? I was interested to read about the new med being tested, a sodium channel blocker which targets a genefactor in the trigeminal system. I've read that a small percentage of TN is hereditary...anyone else in this group?

The good news is I've had relief in the past few longer hurts to speak at times and I can scratch my scalp, very little pain. I'm not superstitious, so I won't say it's gone. A friend who does energy healing (no touch, just drawing energy to me) has been "working" on me long distance. I've felt a peace about my situation. I can and will handle it. I have the resources to find the right doc, etc. Can anyone relate to any of this? Thanks for listening. Hilde