Pain Flare up after being on Cymbalta for three years

I was diagnosed with infraorbital neuroglia three years ago by a very capable and compassionate neurologist. I went on 60 mg of generic cymbalta and have been pain free with some very minor hints of soreness in the top of my left cheekbone (my one pain area). I suffered with burning pain there on and off for two years before my diagnosis and treatment. The generic cymbalta has worked so well with no side effects for three years. However, I do know stress is a trigger. Three days ago, I started feeling tingling and stinging in that same area, with it being worse in the evening. I have been under stress but am scared the pain will start raging. My neurologist says she can increase the dosage but to ride it out as flare ups do happen even when on medication and it should go away in a week or so. I just need some positive feedback to quell my fears (which is not helping my anxiety levels).

Thank you!

hello I have TN2 and have for over 10 years. i use Ive on my face to calm the nerve. it helps.

Thank you Celeste - I appreciate the advice and support!

I was also diagnosed with ATN, I had MVD surgery 2 months ago, after the surgery I had persistent gum numbness and tingling, the pain department prescribed me Cymbalta, and now the stinging pain is gone (not sure if this is because of Cymbalta), but unfortunately he has no effect on the numbness. I also have symptoms of anxiety because of the constant numbness, I wake up at 4 o’clock every day and can’t sleep, and I’m taking clonazepam to try to alleviate it. I don’t have the shock type pain of typical trigeminal neuralgia, so I doubt the effect of MVD surgery on ATN (it seems that it is not an immediate elimination of all ATN pain at the moment), from your introduction I see that you are considering MVD, it is recommended to consult with your doctor, sorry for not giving much advice to you, hope we all recover soon

A neurologist that knows what they’re dealing with and has real time knowledge and experience means a lot. I say stick with what she says. If by chance over a long period of time you feel she is not up to par, do some research online for neurologists in your area. Sometimes its ok to change if you aren’t getting results. I did that and got someone that understood. Usually, (not always) the better ones are with the major medical centers in the larger cities or neighboring the larger medical centers. Things to look for are years of experience, any specialties, star ratings on websites like Often I also look at my local Blue Cross Blue Shield website for my area (which is Birmingham). The ones with more reviews, and “glowing” reviews I tend to lean to. I’m not saying you should do that now; just keep it in mind if things don’t improve.