Oxcarbazepine (Treleptal)

I have been on this medication for four months. I am almost pain free. My trigger is the cold, I only feel some pain when I go outside on a very cold day. I take 1200 per day. My side effects are pretty low. Hopefully this continues because I might have found a solution.

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I am so happy for you! Unfortunately, I was allergic to this one, but I’m glad it is helping many.

Hi Ilipetri, I noticed in another of your posts that you were also taking a supplement. I can’t recall-- was it Benfotiamine? Can you please tell me if you are still taking that, and if so, at what dosage? Thanks!

Oops! It was Alpha lipoic Acid. I would like to know if you are still taking it and what dosage? Thank you.

Hi Cairenn, I’m sure you had good intentions with your comment, but I’m not sure exactly what they were or why you felt compelled to share your thoughts? Llipetri has found a medication that works for her/him, and it’s a fairly basic low side effect one (I’ve used it successfully myself in the past). You cannot possibly know how long this med will work or how Llipetri’s illness will deteriorate or improve. The one thing that’s sure is no two TN sufferers experience the condition the same way. If we did we’d all be using the exact same meds, getting the exact same results and suffering the same amount of pain and side effects. And we very patently are not. Let her/him have her success. There’s no point in frightening anyone or making them pessimistic about their illness; it doesn’t protect them from anything to be suffering in advance!

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Don’t know if it’s useful to you, HG, but I’m taking ALA at 1 tablet a day, 600mg. I’ve just posted a discussion topic on the alternative remedies section about it.

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I too find Oxcarbazepene to be very helpful I play Judo, with this I have been able to get some of my life back. Good luck.
PS: Try to reduce the dose as much as you can. Find the sweet spot. Mine is 600 to 750.