One year down!

For those considering an MVD but with an atypical MRA pre-op… I was at Johns Hopkins last year, scheduled for an MVD, the MRA scan did NOT show vessel entanglement, and we were given the option to delay or cancel the surgery as the odds of finding the intrusion on the nerve went down drastically. I elected to proceed, and while I would not recommend the surgery for fun… They Did locate two arterial adhesions which were cut away from the nerve and padded with the Teflon pladgets. I have had no pain, nor used meds this entire year, and am hoping this will provide decades of relief.

Hi, I am post op 4 days from MVD for atypical tn or geniculate ganglion. My left ear so far is deaf and feels like its full of water. I am having extreme migraine symptoms especially at night and I feel weak, tired and dizzy. Did you have these symptoms just after surgery? If so, when did they go away. I am so afraid that It will stay this way.