Newbie! Any suggestions would be appreciated =)

I am new to all of this now too! I had a right thyroid lobectomy with isthmusectomy on June 6, of 2012 because I was originally diagnosed with right lobe suspicious of papillary carcinoma The good news was that path report came back benign, so I didn't have cancer and all my thyroid tests have been normal. Before my surgery I did not have any throat pain, voice or swallowing problems. After my surgery I started to have many symptoms no appetite, weight loss, chronic pain in throat feels like someone is choking me, The throat pain is there when I turn my head from side to side, and when I look up, even if I'm not swallowing. Talking for extended periods, exacerbates throat pain and makes it more difficult to swallow. When I had the voice test I could not get my voice to a high pitch. The pain when I'm not swallowing is a dry, tightness, pressure, and full feeling like something is stuck in my throat. When I stick out my tongue it is also very painful. The pain when I swallow, ( with no food ) feels like the muscles are struggling, it changes from a sharp to dull pain with the lump in my throat sensation. I have to crush some of my vitamins, I eat mainly softer foods, My voice gets fatigued after talking, so I am finding it so difficult to communicate, causing me to become very introverted. Appears to be getting worse and it has been 7 months since my surgery. The only relieve I get is when I go to sleep as I take Clonazapam for anxiety. I have not been able to return to my work, this problem has interrupted the quality and pleasure I use to have in my daily activities. Up until just recently all the doctors I have been seeing so many ologist's, crazy and numerous testing, no one had any diagnosis It wasn't until I went to a GI doctor, he dilated my esophagus, during a upper endoscopy, said there as an unspecific tightness? Found nothing else so he sent my second opinion neurologist that it was nerve related pain post surgery. My neurologist called me told me to take Gabapentin, it made me very dizzy, double vision, couldn't drive. I decided to get my medical record from neurologist. In there it said I may have GPN. I had a brain MRI done back in Nov 2012. Not sure if it shows 9th cranial nerve? I'm going to a specialty doctor in swallowing disorders. Praying and walking with God has kept me going, as this pain is so horrible. It wasn't until I found this website, it helps to know that I'm not crazy cuz everyone says I look fine on the outside. Is there anyone that can give me feed back or idea's on how they got specifically diagnosed? I am also going to try acupuncture, as I read Kaz's post.

How are you, Penny? I hope this year is better for you.