Neurosurgeon recommendations

I haven’t seen any recent additions of good MVD neurosurgeons. I live in KY but would travel to the far ends of the earth! Please post. :slight_smile:

Dr. Michael Brisman



He is amazing!!!

Dr. Stephen Haines at the University of Minnesota Fairview Medical Center did my MVD in 2009, and I've been completely symptom-free since then. I've had no deficits or other problems related to the surgery. I highly recommend him.

Thanks so much for the replies! Dr. Brisbane 's name has come up on more than one list.

Dr. Adair Prall did my MVD Surgery to decompress 3 cranial nerves in 2013. I had an excellent recovery - no issues. I really felt like he listened to my issues and symptoms and did not totally rely on my MRIs (which were inconclusive). He's in Denver, CO. He might not be close enough for you to consider - but like your request, I think it's great to get some referrals out here.


I wrote this in my other post to you but everyone's convenience:

Amin B. Kassam, MD
Aurora Neuroscience Innovation Institute
2801 W Kinnickinnic River Pkwy Suite 630
Milwaukee, WI 53215

Goggle him. He is world renowned. From my own experience, he has a pleasant personality and good bedside manner. He is very easy to talk with.

I lived in Columbus, Ohio, which is somewhat close to your location. The other place I would recommend going to is the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). I don't know of any specific neurosurgeons there since Dr. Kassam left, but they are recognized as being one the top medical centers in terms of GPN. Note, I did not have any luck going to the Cleveland Clinic.

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I had MVD in December of 2013 and immediately had no pain after struggling for 4 years. My doctor is excellent. His name is Ali Krisht and is in Little Rock, AR at St. Vincent Infirmary. I encourage you to check him out...


Dr. Stephen Haines from Fairview Hospital university system Minneapolis, Mn. did a successful MVD on CNs 5,9&10 3 1/2 years ago and I have been painfree with no residual problems. He has been doing these surgeries for years and trained with Dr. Peter Jannetta. Very competent!

I see Dr. Ringer at Mayfield in Cincinnati. He is really great Dr. I have two mvd’s done by him. I live in Crittenden, Ky. Any other questions please feel free to call me. 859-■■■■■■■■. I’ll give you all the information you need for there. Need all your information sent there then they will call you for an appointment.

Mayfield clinic, Cincinnati, Ohio They are with the facial pain foundation. One of the Dr’s there invented the hailo for brain surgeries. Best in the nation. Only a few Dr’s across the nation to do motor cortex stimulators. And they have it there too. I think it will be closer for you than anywhere else.

Hello- I just had MVD procedure done in Oct 2014. I met with several surgeons at Cornell, Columbia, NJ and UPMC in Pittsburgh. We really liked Anthony D’Ambrosio from Valley Hospoital in Ridgewood NJ. He really took time to explain and met with us multiple times to explains all the options. Care at Valley Hospital was top notch. Full procedure was by Dr D’Ambrosio and no resident doctors were involved as this hospital is not a teaching hospital. My surgery went without a hitch. Had some other complications unrelated to MVD. Recovery was little tough but the best part is that I am pain free and off the Tegretol. I highly recommend Dr D’Ambrosio. He was great.

Thanks so much for the rec.!

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FYI I had my MVD from Allegheny Hospital In Pittsburgh, please go elsewhere! I had three surgeies in one year and the last surgery I ended up in ICU for two days. I woke up deaf in one ear, had a stroke and am legally blind in one eye. I am just saying, if you do go there please ask many questions! This was in 2006 annd since then the amount of neuros doing this surgery has immensely increased, PLEASE DO THOROUGH RESEARCH! Just do not want anyone else to go through what I did and am still going through therapy!

I added mine in the Doctors recommendation section. I’m in the UK feel free to PM me anyone if you want to know.

Dr. Jonathan White at UT Southwestern in Dallas performed my MVD. He's excellent.

Dr. William Brooks did my surgery in Dec 2011. I have not had one symptom since!

1760 Nicholasville Road, Lexington, KY 40503
(859) ■■■■■■■■