Need Help Determining Atypical and Typical GPN

Hi all,

I had wrote a post on her about a month or so ago in which I was diagnosed with GPN on right side of throat. I have pain in the area of the styloid process but my styloid is normal in length. I was told by Dr. Casey that this is due to the GPN. I have constant pain in my throat. The back wall of my throat is either in a dull pain state or burning constantly. The pain near the styloid comes and goes. I will have periods where it won't bother me at all for about a month and it will come back and last about a week. I would feel the left side of my neck and the right side, the right side just feels like a big ball or knot is there and pressing up against my throat but was told that the styloid isn't the source of the problem. Well I have a question regarding the difference between typical and atypical. I feel that my symptoms fall in atypical, but the neurosurgeon found a vessel pressing up against my nerve. If they were able to identify the contact between the vessel and nerve is it still considered atypical?. My swallowing on the right side is terrible. I am able to swallow and get my food and drinks down fine, but i can tell it just does not feel right and doesn't balance out with the left side of my throat. Basically if you were to cut me in half, left side of throat feels normal as it always has in my life, and the right side is like a numb, achy, burning feeling and I just wish it would feel normal. I don't know if this is sensory neuropathic pain if nerve fibers damage or if this is true GPN and MVD should be something to think about.


Hi Tony, I am sorry for what you are going through. I have bilateral GN and bilateral TN, have had it for over 20 years,

and I get that ball in my throat also, mostly on the left side. I guess I am curious why you want to know the typical vs the atypical? Have you had surgery? My thought, and again I have had this for a long time, is not to get mired in it. There is a lot in the world to do, people to help, laughter and love to be experienced. Good luck with your journey!



Hello Tony,

I thought the first reply would not help you at all as it’s so esoteric. I only realised I had g. n. When the pains I had starting in my throat going into my face and exploding into my ear were so bad , all I could do was to scream. I also could not eat for over 4 weeks as I could not swallow without the awful pains returning, so could not drink water either. In the end I had to be admitted to hospital as an emergency and was put on drips etc . And on nerve pain meds. and morphine. So it’s not true you can just get on with your life in all cases as the person above appears to suggest. Luckily for me, the meds (carbamazepine) eventually built up in my system after about 3weks after first taking it and switched the pains off. I am now planning to have a 3 D MRI to see if I have eagles and want also to see a neurosurgeon to see if the glossopharyngeal. Nerve can be clipped so that I don’t have to have any form of brain op. So I would suggest if you do not have any elongated styloid think about obtaining as many medical options available to you to try to help resolve your problems particularly if you are in pain. In my case , it was not even possible for me to speak without chronic pain happening to me. Good luck Tony.