Meds or no meds

Question, I was just recently diagnosed with TN. My pain was worse when this all began in September of 2015. It’s very manageable now. I had to wait for insurance before seeing my doctor who actually knew what I had right away. He prescribed Tegretol and I am wondering if I should take it now or wait to see if the pain gets worse. It’s very manageable now. I hear people say they sometimes have to take the high limits as their body can get use to the dosages. Just wondering if anyone has wondered this. Thanks so much!

As a general experience, the longer pain goes un-managed, the harder it can be when meds are first used. Some research supports the observation that prolonged pain causes changes in the nervous system which build up a resistance to medications that would have worked well if used sooner after pain began. Clearly, there are risks in any medication regime. Side effects can be serious in some people, and a few are allergic to the anti-seizure medications. You must taper up under a doctor's oversight, to find the range which is effective for you. And some people are genetically programmed to be resistant to these medications.

If your doctor has made a prescription, you are likely to do better over the long term by following his medical advice.

Regards, Red

Hi Sue,

TN can come and go and remissions can happen, especially at first. TN is a progressive disease though so if you have already had a very painful flare up chances are that you will again...when is something that nobody knows though. I do agree with Red on starting your medication so that you can get used to the side effects (if any) and have a maintenance dose in your system before the next one strikes would be the safest thing to do.

I have actually been on and off my medication a few times because I do have remissions so really it is up to you. Do remember though that these medications take time to build up in your system so if things get bad then you might have to wait up to a couple of weeks for the med to kick in.

Yes, some people have to increase dosages to stay on top of the pain but don't assume the worst for now. I have been up and down on the same med for two and a half years and so far things are somewhat manageable. Everyone's experience with TN is completely different.


Thank you kindly Red and Jane, I appreciate your input. I’ll start as soon as the Rx is figured out. Doc messed up the Rx. :). Enjoy your day!