Medication not working

so doctors got me on 1200mg of carb and now also bactrim, I'm always dizzy and zombie like. The meds help but the pain is still there. Do I have to live a life on puree food and suffer? I see the doctor soon I'm going to push for surgery and adivce?


That was the side effect that I often had with my medications. What surgery are the doctors wanting to do? The surgeries work for some people. I would just make sure the doctor has performed these surgeries before. I know that sometimes it takes over a month or more for your body to adjust to the medications and possibly longer depending on your body and weight.


I can only tell you some of what I learned in the study of TN online and in real time

If you mean MVD surgery -- your chances of success are slightly higher if you have TN1 -- zap vs. burn

I had my MVD because I cannot function as an intelligent life form on Trileptal -- Neurotin made me dizzy and Lyrica made me stoned

You should - if not already consider owning the book "Striking Back" -- there are things you can do in conjunction with meds / surgery

The book is handy because it leads you to look back on the net

to see what others have had success with - since there are so many here -- I kept notes for myself and for family and for doctors -- hard to do on that drug - so I had it lowered so that I could get from diagosis to brain surgery within a year - I won't really know if this 10% pain strikes will be gone when the nerve has healed for a year -- no guarantees - knowldege is power!

i does take time it was over a month before i started to feel relief on my meds !

It took me about 6 weeks to feel relief fully. I remember how hard the wait was. Even a few days of severe pain seems like an eternity. Let us know how you progress please.