Massage today, MS gamma patient info, new doc specialist info

Well. Quite a trip in a few days.

Ian is leaving and got booked in for massages with him for when he comes back every other week, so that is done, hope all goes well with him; amazing to have a chiropracter massage therapist; nothing like it.

Got a refill on my maxalt early, bring on the wedding week!!

Dr. Schaffer made an icky face when I updated him on the diagnosis, always fun to see. One of his patients with MS is going to MSP for a gamma knife therapy, can't wait to see how that works for them.

Apparently another chiro specializes in upper cervical issues that can affect TN and he wants me to go see her. No problem.

This is the weird part; as reading over the causes of it there is no way to nail down how it started, where it comes from, what trauma or issue it can be traced from... When thinking back years and years I can see how it has manifested in very small ways over so many years. Especially the nerve over my upper teeth and eye triggering the headaches. If that was fixed, I could possibly even be able to work again!!

Where I was forlorn and about to get rid of everything artistic days ago, I see hope for the first time in days, and I realize it's really the first time in months, maybe YEARS, since I haven't been very productive in probably that long.

Working in my head might actually start showing up in reality.... But first, getting better.

Temporary pain relief has been on and off, but so welcome. My donut pillow has been a blessing.

Ian said my eyes have totally changed in the past 6 weeks, and I can't wait to be well rested for the wedding events.

I look forward to doing more writing, freform and for the girls. That was what I wanted a laptop for, and now that things are shaping up, after the wedding that will be my focus.

SO glad I haven't had any bad side effects from the new drug, like I did with the nortrypteline. I was so afraid of that. And it's yummy. I''m even experimenting with food, softer and more healthy. even though I have eaten very healthy, avoiding at all cost the things that trigger a headache is so important.

It's so touching how much my friends and family have helped me get through this so far, the support and hugs are so needed. There's very few diagnosis I can think of that are worse; and fortunately they understand the critical nature of this. UNfortunately they feel as helpless as I do; but they are there, even people I don't know as well as others. I am a very lucky person to have such support, sometimes it's all that helps when the pain is so bad.

Orders need to be filled, and they will be. Inventory should be done, it will be. Right now I am in minimal pain, nd I am relishing it. SSDI needs to be dealt with, and with this diagnosis I don't worry about it.

Funny how perspective can change overnight. Chipping away at this disease has been such a journey, and with one little click of a mouse on wiki. One hand it's good to know, on the other hand turned me inside out.