Just continue taking the tablets

Just got back from seeing a Doctor, to be fair to her, she has only just qualified. She admitted right away she did not know much about this illness. She asked me what I thought was best for me. As I honestly don’t know what could I say. My pain has been pretty bad. Asked her if there was any treatment that could help she did not think so, She did say there is not a cure for tn, just different medication, she suggested I increased mine to, 1200mg Gabinpentin three times a day, that is the maximum dose, and when I had a quiet period to decrease then increase it again when the pain was bad, also taking pain relieve. My operation did not work for long and in England they do not seem to do much other than MVD. Though the doctor did say she would ask a senior doctor on Friday to see what other treatment was available, but she was not very hopeful. Feel very down now, to think this pain will be with me for the rest of my life. Is there any possibity that the pain does just vanish? I have suffered since 1999, with 2 years of relieve after my operation.