It's back

After 3 months of almost non-stop breakthrough pain, I’ve had a blessed 7 and a half days of relief…

It’s back, I woke this morning and there it was, the monster had returned to my left side (bilaterally affected) on the 2nd and 3rd branches.

I sort of guessed as the pain on this side has been accompanied lately by referred pain or allodynia depending on how you look at it, and lately the left side attacks have even been preceded by this referred pain. Last night, I felt mild referred pain in my neck glands before I went to bed. Then I woke up this morning - TADA!!

I’m going to drive to the Doctors office now in the hope that they can help me out this morning. I have nothing in respect to pain relief, they won’t prescribe anything for me as none of my doctors believe that pain medication is of any “benefit” to me.

But I still have my prescription packet of Toradol IM injection ampoules, so I’ll take that with me and hope that the doctors can administer one of these for me.

Wish me luck. Got to go now to get there when the office opens.

Cheers ~ Kerry xx

Hi Kerry,

Just missed you in chat!

I hope they administer the medication for you.

Let us know how you get on.

Love Jo X x

Kerry. good to talk to you today(your tomorrow) however breifly. I hope that your Dr. was able to do something for you to relieve your pain.
Best to you Kerry.
Love, Judy

Thank you Jo and Judy,

Yes, the RN at the practise administered a dose of my Toradol for me that is rather effective in getting rid of the pain for a while. So far, so good as they say :slight_smile:

Love Ko xx

Thanks Maeve,

Well, just over 3 hours after the injection, and it’s returning already. This sucks! I had plans tonight and if I can’t stop this pain from increasing, then I’m destined to stay indoors in my own home once again. Mind you, if we get the forecast storm and rain tonight anyway, that’ll also put a dampener on my plans.

I have wondered again if there may have been an actual tooth problem involved in this, excepting I realise there’s no pain in any of my teeth. The pain thats returning - is coming back into my temple and cheekbone. Ah, ok now it’s my lower jaw bone too. Oh well, this is my life. What can I say.


As for my Doctor, well as you know my proper GP left on an emergency leave. I’ve learnt she’ll not be back for 12 months.
The other Doctors at her practise at too busy to see me.
I decided to go and see the other Doctors office in town, a one man business run out of an office at one end of his house.
He said - nothing can be done, it’s TN, there’s no cure blah de blah de blah etc.
He’s happy to get me onto Neurontin and to stop Lyrica if I so wish - but I figured well I had 28 days of Lyrica and I’ve only used 6.5 days worth so far. I’ll finish the Lyrica first…
I don’t know what to do.
The Doctors at the original practice are at my request organising a referral to a pain clinic about a 1 hour drive from home - should get that referral by Monday. Am keeping my fingers crossed.


PS: Most spelling “mistakes” in my posts are absolutely intentional, as there are differences between US and Australian spelling I.E. Aussie spelling = “Organising”. US Spelling = “Organizing”. Don’t believe me, you can look it up :slight_smile:

Ko xx

Kerry, how are you doing? I hope the pain clinic can help you. They give me nerve blocks and the second one helped. I had the 3d today so we will see. Not having a great evening but that happened initially with the second one also - had terrible pain for a couple of days.