I need suggestions on how to take the pain away

Ivd been taking my medicine and everything right, but I’m STILL in pain…its driving my so crazy. I want it to just go away

Tell us a bit about the medications you are taking, Jess? What types and what doses, please?

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I’m taking medicine for sezuires…in the moning-2 epitol 200mg and one 300 mg of gabapentin…lunch- one gabapentin and bed or dinner- 2 epitol and 1 gabapentin :frowning: pain meds don’t even help really nothing seems to be working. I hate the side effects of these medications and don’t know what to do anymoreee


So your total daily dose is about 800 mg of Epitol (Carbamazepine) and 900 mg of Gabapentin (Neurontin). I know you hate the side effects, but you might find over time that you acclimate. You have some room for further tapering up on your dose levels, until you find greater relief. There are also other medication options that some people tolerate better, notably Trileptal and the tricyclic antidepressant meds which have a cross-action on neuropathic pain.

I'd say it is time you consulted with your neurologist, Jess. If you've been on these meds for at least a month and the present dose levels aren't giving you pain relief, then it's time to do something different.

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Are they giving you anything for the pain?

And anti-depressants don't really work on pan at al, in my experience.


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Tegretol worked REALLY well for about a year.

Red- I went to the neuro on the 12 after I went to the er the day before. I feel like I’m taking a lot and its just not enough…I mean don’t get me wrong, I was in pain all day everday like level 20 pain- that’s how bad it got…now it comes and goes but rather often…I work in retail, so tons of talking involved and I rive an hour for work, so I’m scared to increase doseage or change meds…I go back to the nuero may 5, fairly soon…should I tell him I still feel pain? When I hadn’t went to the neuro yet and doctors were just guessing I was on an anti depresant and neproxen…didn’t work. Like it gets reallt bad…I’m so scared. I’ve also already tried tegretol…worked for like a month on me…hated taking it…way to expensive:( I’m also taking trazodone too sorry so long- noone ever knows what I’m talking about.nice to find people who do

I have hydrocodone


Naproxin Sodium rarely helps much with TN pain. It's a Non Stereoidal Anti Inflammatory Drug. Tegretol and Carbamazepine (Epitol) are the same drug -- and often one of the more effective. So you're still taking Tegretol. Tricyclic antidepressant meds are used against ATN and trigeminal neuropathic pain (due to physical injury); they are one of the few effective classes of meds in fact, for this atypical form of pain. Trazodone is an anti-depressant but not one of the tricyclics. It's a Seretonin Modulator.

It is very important that you provide an accurate picture of your pain to the neurologist. The doc can't help you find solutions unless he/she knows what's going on. Given that you are taking two other drugs already, do NOT add hydrocodone to that mix without specific instructions from a neurologist who knows you are taking the other two.

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Yeah nobody belives me when I say that neproxen(sp) doesn’t work imstill in pain. Neuro prescribed the hyrocodine with all that. The trazodone is for my anxiety…I was bad with it before now its outta control. Any suggestions on anxiety meds? I’m still sad on this med, well today anyway lol I think my tn is the 2 form I forgot what its called. Thanks so much

Type II TN is called "Atypical" TN -- a constant burning, boring, searing form of pain that lacks the sharp electric shock stabs of Type I or "Typical" TN.

The mechanisms (causes) of Type II TN are not as well understood as Type I. But it is common to treat Type II with tricyclic antidepressant drugs such as Amitriptyline or Nortryptyline. For patients who have anxiety disorder, there are other meds such as Xanax. A mild tranquilizer such as Valium, or a muscle relaxant like Flexeril may also be combined as a sort of "booster" for primary meds. All meds should be managed in an integrated medication plan, developed by your primary care provider or a neurologist.

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Thank you! I’m going to suggest I get on some of those. I mean this one helps but when I get down about tn it doesn’t. I just want answers:( this sucks. I was hurting most of the day took all my meds right and a pain pill finally helped and 2 aleve(sp) calmed down a bit


Hi I have Atypical TN, or atleast thats what they think I have, lol, still waiting on MRI

Trileptal works really great for the pain, took me 6 weeks to get to my dose because I'd had an allergic reaction to similar meds so the docs really wanted to take their time but usually within 2 weeks people can find their dose.

However side effects are really hard to deal with in the begining. I went through, depression too but it eventually past. I've only tried Tegretol (allergic reaction) and Trileptal (what I'm curerntly on) so I couldn't tell you about the meds you"re taking, I just know that Trileptal has really helped me not have pain. Unfortunatly I have yet to find the solution to my pain without all the nasty side effects. I hope you find the right meds for you, don't give up hope.

Good luck, I know what its like to be in severe pain 24-7 don't give up they will eventually find the right meds for you. Be persistent, don't live in pain.