I have lost so much weight having bilateral TN

I was diagnosed with TN 1 in June, 2011, (jaw on the left side) then only seven months later it hit me so hard on the other side (same kind of pain). My neurologist confirmed it as bilateral TN 1. At first I could easily eat on my right side (well, not so easily), but now I, of course, have been scared to death to chew on my right side also. That left me with only the choice of pureeing my food. I was a thin person to start out, and a very big problem I also have is high cholesterol - a family trait. I have lost nearly 20 pounds since this began. I search the internet for foods for people who cannot chew and mostly I get foods that would hurt my cholesterol.

Now I live on non-fat yogurt, Ensure protein shakes (as I have read whey protein shakes are constipating and, unfortunately, that is another problem of mine), chicken chopped very small mixed with pureed cauliflower, pureed zuchinni (sorry, I've spelled that wrong), baked potatoes with greek yogurt as a topping, occasional salmon, egg whites because of my cholesterol, and noodles.

I didn't have very many wrinkles before, but I have way more now - my face has gotten so thin. My arms are extremely saggy (it's very hard to exercise when you are constantly afraid of pain like this). I used to be told how pretty I am - not any more.

How does every one else eat?? Have you all with pain in your jaws on both sides lost weight? Please, I need help!

I have bilateral pain but my neurologist in in denial that it can even present like that.

'm hoping to get a second opinion soon because I am not happy with him at all.

I have the exact same problem. bilateral ATN, was thin before , have lost 30lbs, skin sagging everywhere, no appetite. continually try to find things that don’t look like different colors of baby food. so trying to find things that taste like actual food.

having said that, some things to try:

cook veggies until they are mushy -not the best way to eat them, but hey…

fruit that’s very ripe

blueberries, blackberries

sweet potatoes well cooked

put cereal in a bowl with milk & leave it until its mush

peanut butter in very small amounts & let it sit in your mouth

very soft breads that will crumble in your mouth (banana bread w/o the crust)

different fruits in protein shakes

will let you know if I think of anything else.