I don't know how people do it

it's too much pain.

my pain is constant (type II) at best I fell miserable at worst i'm in agony. (ranges from 6 -9). nothing's worked MVD ++++++ other.

are there others out there that feel they've exhausted all treatment options and aren't getting any relief from pain.

I got little relief from medications and the neuro I was seeing didn't want to hear about my problems. I had to pump myself so full of pills, I was sleepy and unable to work. I get issues in waves and I can go weeks without an issue. Right now I'm suffering, but I have no money to see my doctor (not that I really want to see him anyways since they don't really care to listen). I do let my job now know about my issues and they are very non-judgemental about it. They know that sometimes I may lose the ability to talk. Just keep your head up. We're in the same boat. I had my fist official bout almost a year ago and it didn't resolve itself until the middle of February of this year. I was left unable to talk for close to two months.


sorry a-denise and deleone for all you are going through.

deleone, I see from yr profile that you've had multiple surgeries/procedures to reduce gpn pain.

are you pursuing anything now?

Now no ,I was on lyrica and tramodal for a month recently but I’m not sure if I really have Gpn my surgeon saw a compression on my MRI but he didn’t find the artery he thought he saw when he popped me open I don’t know if you ve seem my YouTube surgery video but if you watch it he just removes scar tissue and packs in Teflon even though there is nothing compressing it,I did have Eagle syndrome took me 10 years of Dr after Dr till the third oral surgeon I saw who came across it before pointed it out on the panoramic X-ray ,I haven’t seen the brain surgeon since the stitches were tooken out The surgery for eagles is the styloid removal but if that doesn’t take away your all your symptoms there is no answer I owe 6000 still for my Mvd surgery and spent another 2000 last year between ent and oral surgeon ,I had a Doppler ultra sound done on my carotid artery 3 months ago but it’s just so frustrating ,I’m use to what I feel it’s going on 14 years straight now I’m thinking maybe kolonipins or Xanax but even with my extensive history I get looked at like I’m in there to get drugs lol I’m just thankful for Bens friends cause you got to keep this smile on your face so your friends and family Don’t feel bad and know one wants to hear you complain everyday I not sure if I even want to be in a relationship again the pain makes you moody and no one understands why you look upset I just feel alienated now like Its some secret I’m not suppose to talk about I’m sure I’ll try to get help again soon but I just smoke weed now Drinking helps but I blackout almost everytime now I personally think it’s me trying run from myself anyways take care sorry for venting so much

don't apologize for venting. it sucks x 1000. 14 years. i'm sorry. I've had this nightmare condition for 5 yrs and that feels like an eternity. I realize you're not certain you have gpn. if you do is your pain similar to type 2, constant deep ache, burning...?

your description of the pain's impact on yr life exactly what I experience. the financial cost, the endless doctors, treatments that fail and above all the pain itself. it's tough not to complain with this much pain but of course no one wants to hear after the 4th or 5th time. I was a happy kind person now i'm a miserable SOB.

I don't know how to navigate in the world anymore. people don't see the pain so they interact with you as if you're fine. i'm a dud - most of the time, consumed by the pain.

I wish you well.

Thanks Bluesea yeah it’s like a constant dull burning on one side of my throat almost like if I swallowed a lit cigeratte backwards not the inetial pain that was caused by that ,but like what you would feel from healing from that maybe after 2 days later but it’s 24/7 just one raw patch same exact spot ,Yeah it’s tough really like talking to people on here you don’t feel as crazy for a moment Take care

yes, lit cigarette is a really good way to describe a type of the burning pain.

I've thought of it as fireplace in which flames are out, embers burning and wood burnt.

sometimes, I imagine putting ice in throat (if only I could) and if I did that it would sear/sizzle and smoke.