I could hear my heart beat after my MVD

For about 4 weeks after my MVD I sometimes heard my heart beat as if the artery was beating against something. It faded out and I no longer hear this sound. I wondered if the swelling had pushed an artery next to some part of my body that transferred the sound. This really sounded like an artery was hitting something. Has anyone else had this experience?

Several years ago when the headaches started I noticed I could hear my heartbeat too. I have headaches 24/7, and the doctors still don't know why I have them. They say they're migraines. The only thing that helps somewhat is laying on an icepack on the side that hurts (left). I have noticed swelling as well because my sun hats no longer fit on my head. At least hearing my heartbeat doesn't hurt so I don't worry about it any more. =)

I could hear mine too, also as the anesthesia wears off, which for me is still happening, (2 yrs later), the muscles on the side of my head above my ear would jump all by themselves when I would lay down to sleep at night, I would have my husband feel the weird show. Gross... Make sure you let your Neuro know about the heart beat. You have to keep your blood pressure down, the meds tend to make it elevated. My MVD eliminated the electric shocks and stabbing pain, but still have the burning , almost constant pain sensation. Neuro said it is #1 because of the prior Gamma Knife and # 2 after the MVD, the surgeon had to tug the artery off the nerve gently, and that extra nerve stimulation caused extra pain. but not the electric shock pain, the numbness pain under the skin...weird. but it is certainly better than it had been for 8 years. Good Luck, stay calm, don't get stressed !


I have MS also and am hoping I can have the MVD procedure done. Was it a success for the pain of your TN

You should check with who ever did you MVD procedure.

Good luck

I can feel take my pulse without touching a blood vessel when I am in pain. A blood vessel must be in touch with the TN nerve someplace and unfortunately the imaging devices (MRI) do not have enough resolution to pin point the side.

I had similar experience for 3-4 weeks after my successful MVD that I mostly heard at night in bed. But what I heard was actually a ticking sound from my heart beat. I was worried about it but thankfully it faded away so yes probably due to swelling from the surgery.

I could hear my heartbeat for about a month in my right ear after MVD surgery but I was also deaf in that ear after having surgery. My surgery was on the right side. After a month, I got my hearing back and now I don't hear my heartbeat. I didn't worry about it too much because I have high blood pressure (Hypertension). I was told by the surgeon that I would have some temporary hearing loss.


Yes, I often have this (before the facial neuralgia began a year ago, and worse since). Interestingly, you have just made me realise that I do not think I've had it so much recently, since I started Inderal LA for high blood pressure. It must surely be a vessel beating or inflamed near the ear components? I've never had it investigated. Glad yours went. Best wishes, Dove.