How do you deal with TN when the medical community is dragging its feet

I am horribly frustrated- the dentist, and GP both call it a kind of neuralgia but do very little to help me. I get things like "Lets wait and see what happens." My doctor admits he knows very little about this condition and reffered me to a ENT. That appointment is in 2 months.

What is someone to do during the wait? I heard there should be tests such as MRI's, tests for certain conditions, neurologists involved. He mentioned the drug gabapentin but also said lets wait on that. I am telling the doctors I am in pain, the pain pills do not cut it, and that somedays I just stay in bed and hope to fall asleep so I can escape the pain. Today all my teeth hurt, jaw in messed up and lips are going numb and I am told to twiddle my thumbs till the appointment. Another doctor ( a third) said he saw something like this 10 years ago but also admitted he was not sure what to do and wrote me something for b12 shots. I doubt the ER could do much for me, but if the pain goes to a level I cannot take that is my only plan. Is this a typical situation and did other ppl receive the same run around. Will take ANY advice -frankly everything I learned about TN so far has come from this site. Sorry for going on and on and thanks in advance.

Kristi,I am so sorry you are having a rough time with your pain and drs.I would try to get back to your gp, even if you have to make a quick return visit.I have had to do that a couple times. They say they know what tn is. I think that's where many stop and just don 't know what to do. I know you will get more support and will have better ideas. I would put in the search bar kcdancer 's tn meds.Go through the list it's real good.I checked out those meds wrote down all the ones I had not tried, went to my gp and gave him suggestion,I am currently on 200 of lyrics a day and 150 Mgs of amptriptaline, and the er for breakthrough pain unroll Sept. I do have 3 Mg of klonapin from my last trip to the er left.I don 't like doing this way because I will wait until I can 't stand it any longer.I am about ready to hang a sign around my neck that says "I HURT I HAVE TN with a big head on the sign that looks like it just blew up AND THIS IS WHAT MY HEAD FEELS LIKE! WHY WOULD I, HOW COULD I MAKE THIS UP! DON 'T JUDGE ME JUST LOVE ME? with my hoodie on my sunglasses my scarf wrapped around my face and its 90 out I can 't take any breeze hot or cold and when its hot the ac is kicking in the stores.I will feel better if I get out.I don 't think so I can keep my house pretty much the same.I just pray we find relief soon (HUGS) dawn

If you don't get a good answer in your country soon --- start a thread here regarding how to get fast help, and how fast can you get to a neurologist!

I know that you can get cream at drug store called EMLA can put in on face to numb some up.

If you have a similar baby gums med, for sore gums, you can put that in your mouth, like for numbing baby gums....

And if you could, you should get to ER so you can get a script! OHHHH --- I don't understand how all you up there wait so long! GO TO TAB ABOVE: Print off where it says under resource tab ---- Print card for ER

And go to google images:

print off A picture of:

Atypical TN

or trigeminal neuralgia

See which one looks most like you! Give it to dr., ER, family....

I think here under the tab for groups --- there is a UK and a Canadian group that you can join about resources. Keep reading, asking, here

and demanding those dummies!

Going to an ET would set you back even more time I think.

Kristi...dont leave it in the hands of a GP get to a neuroligist, and a good one, as soon as possible. No offense to GP's but having a GP manage TN is like having a cook do repairs on your car. You need someone familiar with the treatments and condition. Get a neuroligist so you can learn your options. Unfortunately there is no pill or cream that stops the pain. Take control of your TN and learn about your options. There are options and possibilities of eliminating that pain and yes even for good it does happen

Agree with all replies, you can't wait, that is not fair. Even in the interim if your GP would try Gabapentin, or something. But keep calling, getting to a neurologist that understands TN first and foremost. Above advice good about going to E/R, don't suffer, hard to get help when pain is overwhelming but you deserve relief. Sending a gentle hug to you.