HELP! The pain returned after MVD

I had MVD Aug.2nd and had 3 weeks of being totally pain free. I was in Heaven...then the pain returned. I am taking 900mg of Neurontin 3 times a day but the pain is still not tolerable. I see my Neurosurgeon on Monday for my post-op appt. I had to call his office last night and talked to his associate (my doc is out of town) and he told me that my doc will want to do a MRI to see what is going on. Other than that, he increased the Neurontin and told me that I was not going to get relief for several days. I am in so much pain. I have to take Norco for another condition that I have and I am taking Motrin (4 at a time) to try to help this pain. I am wondering if the pad has slipped and if I am going to have MVD again. Has this happened to any of y'all?

My pain came back after 3 or 4 weeks after MVD in May as well. Never thought about the pad slipping. Have seen my surgeon twice but he has no explanation… only says this is the atypical pain. Keep us posted on what your dr says.

I will keep an update on this situation. I think that I have a truly good Neurosurgeon and that he will do something to stop this pain. He specializes in TN and is so understanding and kind. He really listens to me, as did his associates that I have spoken to this past week.

Yes, I had an mvd may 2012. Several weeks were good but then pain returned. still have not recovered from major surgery. Taking 1800 md of neurotin, narcotics . I don’t know if I will ever be without pain. It’atn.