Help me Please

Can someone help me please? My GP referred me to a psychiatrist (which I did not know about), and refuses to refer me to a neurologist; She has put me on amitriptyline 25 mg.

I turned up at the clinic thinking it was a pain management clinic but it turned out to be a mental health clinic??????

Do we have any advocate in UK who can help me to complain about this and ge her to refer me t a neurologist.

I don’t know anything about the UK health system, but wanted to say I hope you find another doctor and pain relief soon! Can you go to a hospital emergency room with your pain?
What your doctor did was very wrong !! Makes me angry. I hope you can report his insensitivity as well as his uncaring manner and inability to treat you to someone higher up.
Thinking of you, (( hugs )) Mimi

How b... ignorant of the GP. Amitriptyline 25mg... well that's a start ... I do hope you can get better attention than that.. another doctor?? I'm really not sure if it's worth the energy required to go thru the complaint route. I certainly don't have that level of energy, or more pointedly, the engagement, to bother. I'd just move on.. stuff the lot of them . ( I'm not trying to tell you how to run your life). A lot of ATN / TN sufferers will have depressive episodes, and it really is something to be aware of, particualry if you've never had an episode in your "normal " i.e. pre ATN / TN life. But a psychiatrist??? Yes the pain is all in your head alright, right there in the trigeminal b... nerve!!! All the best to you.

Hi Craig,

Thank you for your comment; that is exactly how I felt. what a cheek! Craig, it is not easy to change doctors now-a-days in UK. Things are really bad.

Anyway, she saw me on Thursday and apologized, reluctantly she referred me to a neurologist. I do not think she did the referral properly, though. NHS may well reject it!!! I think she referred me so that I withdraw my complaint.

I think i will wait to respond to her until I hear from the neurologist; I think this is my best strategy!!!

Willing to take any other suggestions from anyone.

By-the-way, Craig, I can see the picture of Lord Shiva behind you!!! I love Shiva. Have you ever been to India to see any of 12 temples of Shiva?