GPN Surgery


I have never posted befor so i hope that this is the right place to ask questions.

I have been offered MVD for my GPN but i am really scared about the side effects.

My surgeon is quite inexperinced in the GPN surgery due to its rarity, but he has plenty of experience with TN operations.

I wondered if anyone else has been in my situation with regards to an inexperienced surgeon? I am under a Neuro Hospital that is the best in the country and i have been advised that people visit from all over the worl because of its reputation.

Hi. I have not had the surgery but there are doctors that have done 100's or 1000's - try a different surgeon



I just had the MVD surgery in May. In spite of complications from the surgery, I would do it again in a heartbeat. However, the results you get may be related to the experience of your surgeon. If you go to a center where they see more and do these surgeries more, you MAY get a better result or at least feel more confident. The condition is so rare that even the most experienced surgeons have done only about 100 or so.Even these surgeons had to start with their 1st one at some point. They didn't start out with all the experience. The surgeon I saw helped to develop the procedure for MVD. That is not to say that your surgeon could do not do a fantastic job.He may well be very skilled. Ask a lot of questions and read a lot. The confidence you have in your surgeon is very important. There are workshops where Drs go to get training in this skull base microsurgery. I would make sure that your surgeon is well trained and make an educated decision. Good luck. I know how difficult this decision is. I'm glad I made it. Hope things go well for you. Keep us updated.


Hi Suela,

surgeons who regularly perform MVD for TN are all "inexperienced" with operations for GPN. it's that rare.

I'd say that NS (with considerable expertise with TN) likely don't perform more than 1 gpn surgery a year and more likely it's one every 2 or 3 years or they've never done one.

sounds like you've done yr due diligence - highly reputable neuro hospital and doc with considerable experience with TN operations.

of course if you have doubts continue to ask questions, research etc.

i wish you well!