Glycerol rhizotomy

For those with GR, how long did it take to get relief? I had GR yesterday, and I feel like hell with no relief.


Hi OSUBUCKS1, I hate nothing worse than giving negative feedback, but I know it's the best way. I had two Radiofrequency Rhizotomies (this method burns the Ganglion) and it left me in worse pain than I had before the procedures. So much so that I'm now on Teacher Retirement Disability. The 1st operation "seemed" to ease the pain for approximately 2 weeks. Although I think I was telling myself it was working even after the pain in actuality came back less than a week. At the follow-up appointment, my Neurosurgeon said he performed a really "low frequency" to see how I would respond. Since I didn't respond well, I planned another surgery for three months later when school was out. He was to increase the amount of radiofrequency this time. Well, that he did. Enough to cause the pain I had before the initial surgery (a steady moderate 4-5) to increase to an unbearable 7-9. Now, what's strange about all of this is the Neurologist who referred me to the Neurosurgeon said that this treatment helps relieve pain on Atypical patients for an average of six months. ?? When I left the hospital after the second Rhizotomy, in the car on the way home, after all the anesthesia wore off, I was already in the worse pain I've been in since 1999 when it all began. So six months?? I'm questioning exactly where the Neurologist came up with that statistic. My family doctor said the Rhizotomies probably left scar tissue or it just damaged things that no telling what the possibilities are. Again, I don't want to bring your hopes down, but that is my story. Maybe the Gylcerol will work better? Did your doctor mention how long it would last or when it would begin to take effect? Sorry for the "one big paragraph!" I keep trying to skip a line here and there but the app won't let me. O.o

I’ve had three Rhyzotomies. The first didn’t work. The doctor went back in and did it stronger and I woke it with extreme numb face which is disturbing but at least the pain did not get through. That lasted a year and a half. The third one is still going at five years though pain still gets through at times.

My pain has always been worse for up to two weeks after the Rhyzotomy then I would feel the full benefit. If I have to I would do it again.

I'm sorry to date you have had no relief, fingers crossed.

I came across this post as I am helping my sister with research as she is scheduled to for a glycerol rhizotomy procedure soon. I am sorry to hear your story. Would you be so kind as to update your status? Did you get any relief? If any others are reading this I am also interested in any articles or experiences related to this procedure when the underlying causative factor is multiple sclerosis versus nerve impingement. Also as regards to those who have received glycerol rhizotomy for atypical TN.

Thank you so much for responding to my inquiry. I am sending positive energy that you may find some relief. I am googling and researching. It looks like the options are even more limited when the TN is triggered by MS . I will continue with my research. Wishing you the best.