Geniculate neuralgia

Anyone out there with geniculate neuralgia? I’ve been suffering with stabbing ear pain for two years. I have had no success with Neurontin or Tegretol because of side effects. I would appreciate hearing from some of you with similar issues.

Hi, there are over 110 of us here with this pain. I fully appreciate the awful pain of it, I feel it myself.
Here is a link to the group for Geniculate Neuralgia.
I found the only things that help me are avoiding triggers and lying on the opposite side and taking pain killers I am afraid to say.

Thanks Jackie! I will check on this group for sure! Glad to have this support!

Hello Srenatee:

I have been diagnosed with GN. It has been devistating for me and my family over the last almost 3 years. I know what you mean about the side effects of the drugs, but I can tollerate Tegretol (Carbamazepine). I am also using Butrans patch, and Cipralex for the Anxiety. I also have Ralivia and or Ultram (same drug just one is long lasting the other is for breakthrough) but they really dont do all that much.

I would look into the Butrans patch - it has been my life saver. I am at 20mcg/hr and it makes enough of a difference that I can actually work.