Focal Dystonia? Doubt the diagnosis

So I went to a different neurologist today and she said what I was experiencing (spasms of throat pain, tongue pulling, tingly lips, roof of mouth pain, jaw/ear pain) was not GPN. I knew that I did not have typical GPN, but I really doubt this diagnosis. From what I read about dystonia, it involves involuntary movements of the jaw like twisting and grimacing, and tongue thrusting, which I do not have and when it involves the throat, it causes voice changes, which I do not have. Nonetheless, she gave me Baclofen (?) to try.

I am going to a cranial neurologist Monday so lets see what he says about it. I thought I had atypica GPN. Anyone have any ideas or was dystonia floated around as a differential diagnosis for any of you?


Hi Pyr2,
How did you go on Monday?

Well he said its not neuralgia. So I guess its dystonia which is worrisome for me, i.e., movement disorder, Parkinsons etc. I also have some other symptoms to go along with it. So Im fearing bad news. I have to go to a movement disorder specialist in Feb. Don't want to scare anyone. I really thought it was neuralgia. Not with all the spasming and cramps and twisting. They said neuralgia is more sharp. Best of luck to all of you. I guess I will be leaving here.