Finally a diagnosis!

On September 27, 2012 I finally had a “name” for this pain I had been experiencing for over three years. " Trigeminal Neuralgia" the Neuralagist said. My husband accompanied me to this appointment for the first time. He was tired of knowing I was suffering with something and not getting any answers or relief. I am not the aggressive type and talk quietly. He came to get some answers and make sure I would be listened to and taken seriously. The neurologist explained TN to us, answered all of our questions and started me on a new anti-convulsive to try. The best thing to happen during this appointment was that my husband now has a much higher appreciation of my pain. He now asks me often how my face feels and if I need anything. I am a tough it out and don’t complain kind of person. My husband told me that I need to complain more and louder. He has apologized for not taking my pain as seriously as he should have. It is not his fault but I am glad to have this new compassion. I get a similar reaction from other family. They had no idea?!? Even though I had told them all several times that I had face pain none of them seemed to “get it” until I had a diagnosis and some back up (Wikipedia).

Hi Alyssabella,
I’m happy for you that you finally have a diagnosis after struggling for so long, hopefully now you can get the right med(s) and find a therapeutic level that allows you to function and move on from the pain.
I’m super happy that your husband went with you and now really understands what you’re going through ( well as much as possible) It makes a huge difference when you can feel support, compassion and understanding.
My husband recently joined me for my neuro surgeon appointment to explore MVD, and although he’s been dealing with TN with me since 2002, it really helped him to completely understand what TN is and MVD, he even asked questions!
That made me feel so good! So I kinda know how you’re feeling.
Good luck to you, (((( hugs ))))

Yes, the Wikipedia article on Atypical Trigemina Neuralgia is a great place to refer associates to. I ask them to read it very carefully.... it says a lot about the condition and the suffer's feelings....... All the best.

Congrats on getting an answer!! It helps just to know you are not just crazy! Keep your family & husband involved. My family knows but can forget and tend to act like I’m the same old me(I wish I was but I’m not.) it’s a long road but this site will help you! Good luck with everything!!

I am glad he went with you. :)