Difficult to stay positive!

This blog is more of a vent for me. I was diagnosed with TN1 & 2- 6 weeks ago. I was put on Neurontin and Percocets. I thought my life was pretty much gone. I sat around depressed and drugged for 1 1/2 weeks. When the Neurontin kicked in, I decided that this was not a death sentence and I was determined to get out there and be me again.

I am a territory rep for a company and have constant conversations with store Managers. Yesterday was to be my first day back at work. I woke up excited...took my shower... towel dried my hair...and ooops...one of my disintegrating disc in my neck popped out far enough to cause pain and tension in my neck and shoulders. I thought...am I going to be seen as a complete hypochondriac!

I fought through the discomfort...got dressed and visited 3 stores...I was so embarrassed. As I spoke to managers, words escaped me. I felt like a complete idiot. I found myself explaining that I was on new meds!

Today, I feel down and defeated. My neck hurts, my jaw and ear hurt and I feel like all of my valiant effort to buckle up and get out there, were foiled.

I will get back out there but today is a down day, a realization that I am not the same healthy, outgoing, and confident women I was just a few weeks ago. I will find my niche again but today... I will lick my wounds.

Oh Yvonne, I completely understand. Losing my words bothers me so much, I’m trying to adjust to that aspect of the high dose meds, but it’s difficult. Take pride in what you DID accomplish, and try hard to forget the rest! We should celebrate the small victories as much as possible, in effect that just may minimize the dissapointments we feel with the rest.
You have a great attitude, never give up! Each day is a new day!
We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend, and I had two really great days, I was able to cook and serve dinner for 12, and the next day clean house!!!
That’s huge for me! I did have TN pain during and after dinner, but I just grabbed my heating pad and sat on the couch and was grateful for the moments I was TN free …
My friends and family just ignored the heating pad and treated me normally which was so great.
I wish you good luck as you try again another day.
(( hugs ))

I have been on neurontin for 6 months, but with a recent escalation of pain and symptoms, I was also given tegretol. I had adjusted pretty well to the neurontin, but the addition of the tegretol has been difficult for me. I am a golfer, and a good one at that. Trying to play on the meds has definitely been a challenge. I decided I was not going to let this condition affect my life, so I have continued to play. My scores have started going down, and yesterday was my best day ever since increasing the meds. I also own a business with my husband, and doing the books has become a challenge also. I have found that I just have to focus so much harder on everything I do. When I become tired is when I seem to have the most trouble focusing. I like your attitude, and I am trying to have the same type of attitude myself. I think living in fear is the worst part of this condition. I can feel it back there locked and loaded and ready to fire at any time. Thanks, Yvonne, I think I just vented too.