Diagnosis that caused tn

Who all has had another disorder that caused their TN? I am headed to a MRI soon and am a bit worried mainly because the doctor was so worried. I have the horrid pain of TN but in all 3 branches. Then on the left side of my face that isnt affected by tn I lose my feeling in that side of my face and my tongue tingles. I have blurry vision in my right eye, ringing ears and hearing loss, weakness in my arms and legs, tingling and burning feeling down my spine, I have no feeling on the back side of my head, I have slurred speech sometimes, and awful dizziness and that was there before the high dose of oxcarbazepine my face feels like its on fire but that happens in the rest of my body also, I have extreme fatigue and it feels like my legs and arms are covered in concrete they are so heavy. The doctor said there is a high possibility of tumor or MS and im pretty worried. Its enough just having this awful pain but to think I have another disease or element to deal with is pretty scary. How many people have had a diagnosis of another nerve disorder or disease that triggered or caused your tn?

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I’m so sorry for you. I have TN. I know that pain. My mother has MS,
She says she has burning tingling feeling in her legs that is constant when she is in bed and the covers hit her legs, and she says she has numbness in her feet. She also has visual issues. You have so many things going on.
Good luck to you, I hope you find your answers soon.