Coping with living with TN

Hi Everyone,

As I continue to battle with atypical TN almost a year on from an MVD my wife continues to write about our experiences. There is nothing like sudden or unpredictable illness to throw you off kilter. In the tightly packed, fast paced lives we lead, there is little room for a virus or broken limb never mind the onset of trigeminal neuralgia.

In Gilly's latest post she poses the question of how you piece your life back together after the onset of TN and makes some suggestions that have helped us both - her as a caregiver and me as her very appreciative patient!

You can read the post The Jigsaw Puzzle Of Life at


Take care Jon

Please see the comments about this post in the forum/discussion section- I would love to know what you think about The Jigsaw Of Life and how you and your caregiver are coping with living with TN.