Choose the Title of Ben's Friends eBook

We had 60+ amazing suggestions for Ben's Friends book titles. We took the liberty of narrowing down the list a little bit. We are so grateful to all the members who submitted. You did a fantastic job!

To choose the winner, please leave a comment as to which title you like best below. We will add them all up and share the news with everyone. We will leave the voting up until February 8, 2013, around 5pm on Friday afternoon Pacific time.

Title List:

1. Staying Strong: A Collection of Inspirational Stories & Helpful Tips from Patients on the Ben's Friends Rare Disease Support Network
2. We are Survivors: Hope and Healing Through Ben's Friends
3. Our Journey Together: The Stories of and Tips from Members of
4. Journey, Healing and Support: Tips and Stories of Ben's Friends
5. There For Each Other ( & Rare Disease Patient Communities)
6. When Someone Listens
7. The amazing stories of and tips from & Rare Disease Patient Communities
8. Healing Together: Stories and Tips from members of
9. Staying Strong: stories & tips by, for, and about people affected by rare disease
10. "Creating a Community of Support and Friendship"
11. You are not ALONE!..."You Have Friends Here"........BenFriends!
12. We are all in this together: Stories and Tips from members of
13. Bridging the Gap: Uniting Survivors in the Rare Disease Community via
14. In Rare Company: Stories and Tips by, for, and about people affected by rare diseases