Can flu shot trigger TN

Freak! Flare up! Both sides( Right side came in March , Left side after Car accident sept. this year ). my Ketorolac ( morphine Base) is not working or after hours . THis morning problems with vision to see straight.

I guess that's a heavy one. Had to let cool down my coffee i was getting worse . I feel totally messed up.

Could it be the Flu shot I got on Friday?

I took my Tegretol as i have always done. Can't put it up, Iam getting to dizzy to work. It Is freaking . almost 4 weeks with out , and now it comes again.

Socks45, sooo sorrry you are having such a bad flare up! I don't know if a flu shot could trigger tn, in over 20yrs. of tn I have only had the flu 2- 4 times, which I am so thankful.Everytime I am asked if I want a flu shot my answer is No! I am also afraid it could set off my tn. My tn is more constant then not, it is everywhere, my face, nose, ears, teeth, whole dang head.most of the time especially since last Jan. I don't want to move or even breathe! I am so sorry you had a car accident and that it brought on more tn pain! That scares me too! I haven't been able to drive in about 7 yrs. I hit a tree which I think made my tn worse.This is such a terrible thing to have! I pray your flare up goes away very, very soon! I think at times it can be so hard to know some of the triggers, I haven't moved for a few mins. and I am getting stabs, jabs, etc. Please let us know when it calms down,I hope it has already! Soft Hugs, dawn

Hello Dawn,

Thanks for you sympathy. There are Days it works fine and then there are Days you don't like to get up.

I talk with my doc and so new try. Massages and Physio on my neck. Increase to 800mg Tegretol per day. ( 1.5 tablet at morning and night and 1 at 1 pm ). I hope that works, with out side effects.

The Car accident is now 6 weeks gone i got rear bumped. I will let you know thats going on here. Hope you feel better soon a big hug from me Pia