Been a long time fellow followers!

Hello all you courageous troopers. A few things have happened since my last post. I FINALLY got to go see a neurologist last Friday and he confirmed that I do have TN. I was praying that that wasn’t the case, but it is. So, he recommended Trileptil to my PCP. I’ve tried every medicine available for TN, but all have had the most severe debilitating side effects ever. This is the last medicine I get to try. I am currently taking 600mg of Trileptil (which we will titrate up to 1800mg), Baclofen and three other medicines for severe Bipolar disorder. My PCP, whom I have tons of respect for, also prescribes me oxycodones for the sharp throbbing pain, specifically in the ear, an Klonopin to take for sleep and anxiety. I have a very strong will and faith, so I just keep on truckin’. The hardest part is the side effects of the Trileptil. Super lethargic, drowsy and my brain seems to work very slow. Does it go away? I’m in my last year of my Batchelors in Mathematics. I’m taking this quarter online which is good. Somewhat concerned about the side effects messing me up for the rest of my life but I will just keep on praying and fighting to control this disease with the support of my wife and 11/13 year old boys. Just a not to you others fighting the. Attlee. I have respect for every single one of you for taking this thing on head on. Phillipians 4:16 says “all things are possible who He who empowers me”. Stay empowered and believing. Things will be ok. With much Love,


I would make sure that it is 1800 that you need to go up to.

I totally lost my IQ - couldn't even remember my dog's name at around 900. All of us are different

I was able to stay on a lower dose with lidocaine cream on my face. See if you can get an RX for it!