Asking for Volunteers for Donor Thank You Videos

Hi Mods - we're just about to kick off our Annual Fundraiser!!! Last year we raised about $25k which funded us for the whole year! Don't forget, we're a 501C3 Non Profit, registered with the IRS and everything! :)

Raising money is just one of those things we have to do to keep Ben's Friends going. The way I look at it, we think about raising money for 1 month of the year, and then we get to have fun helping people the other 11 months.

With that in mind, can I please get some volunteers to film a quick video thanking donors. Ideally, we'd have something like 15 Thank You videos. We've done these in the past and they've been a big hit. Here are a few: Alina -; JC -; Jasmine -; Seenie - and Jackie -

Another example is a quick video I received from Opportunity International when I donated last week. This video is personalized: - if there are some volunteers to do personal videos, that would be amazing. But that may be too much.

Anyways, if we can get 15 Thank You Videos, that would be wonderful. Please volunteer. Just take it with your smartphone and email it to us ( or upload it to YouTube with a Title like "[Your Name] - Ben's Friends Thank You 2014"

Also, this isn't just limited to Mods. Members can do it too! Please spread the word.

Thanks Everyone!