Are there any signs when remission is near

I’m 20 weeks pregnant and been in tegretol. I was instructed to b take it at night. It has calmed the pain down somewhat, but how b would I know if remission is near?

Hi Shadirah,
My neurologist and I always agreed that if I was completely pain free for 4-6 weeks on meds then we could start weaning slowing off the meds to see if it is a true remission.
The first time this happened I had bilateral TN for 9 months approximately when we started weaning…I ended up having an 8 year remission on my right and 10 year remission on my left side.
When it came back we attempted to wean again but to no avail…
Remission = no pain, no meds.
I hope you continue to find relief and are able to wean with your doctors advice off the meds and experience a long term remission.
Congrats on your pregnancy! Mimi : )

@Mimi, thanks for your info, but I have a question for you, when you went into remission, was there a sign like did the pain do something funny or something before it went away?

For me,the pain never went away with meds until i did go into full remission.The Carbamapezine would just make it less severe sometimes.Going into remission,i would get fewer severe attacks and less pain day by day.Sometimes i would get one long lasting crushingly severe attack and then the whole thing would be gone.My last eposode i kept trying to wait it out and it would get better and then slam down hard.I don't think it was going to go into remission.It was the worst episode ever.It did calm down thank god enough for me to stand the travel to Dallas and tolerate the Gamma Knife procedure.I hope you are in remission.Try not to worry and stress.Congratulations on the baby!

No Shadirah, not that I can recall. It just stopped.